Employee Spotlight - Adrian Yip

Written by:
Adrian Yip
Published on:
June 18, 2021

1. What made you want to focus on working with nonprofits?

I didn’t plan it, but throughout my life, I ended up working and volunteering with nonprofits for over twelve years.  It was the most interesting and rewarding way I could think of spending my life.  Eventually, I ended up building a career in another industry, but had to take some time off volunteering for a couple years to learn and establish myself. It took a toll on me, and I felt disconnected from the things that I felt were important. When I was able to make time to volunteer again, it felt right, and I spent more and more time wishing I could be volunteering instead of working at my job. So I made the decision to leave that career, and focus my efforts full-time on advancing the missions of non-profit organizations like the ones I had worked with before.

2. How did you get started in the Salesforce ecosystem?

A friend of mine recommended getting into the Salesforce ecosystem, particularly NPSP, as a way for me to build a career in the nonprofit industry.  By working in the ecosystem, I am able to form relationships with the people running these organizations, and build a platform that will bring stability to their operations and set them up to take the next step in growth.  It’s also fun and rewarding working at Passion Fruit because on any given week, I know that I’m contributing to organizations that are making an impact in the worlds of social justice, healthcare, the arts, and personal empowerment.  

3. What has your experience been like since joining the Passion Fruit team?

As non-profit technology consultants, our vision of success is not just in providing technical excellence to our clients, but in building solutions where our clients are happier going to work and their organizations are better able to serve their missions.

The basis of our success starts with the team. I am proud to say that we have mutual trust and gratitude, earned through our time together on projects. The shine that emanates from telling stories, solutioning, troubleshooting, and collaborating with our clients is unmistakable. 

As an organization, our business goals are built in partnership with our personal and professional goals. Client selection and project pipeline are managed to ensure healthy business operations, enjoyable collaborative relationships, and meaningful work.  As a team, we support each other in our internal wellness initiatives, and are building a framework for professional growth and organizational development.  

I am also proud to say that Passion Fruit is actively giving back to the places that we live, and are seeking to do more. In our first year, we have donated our time and expertise in transforming the technology for a Vancouver-based non-profit that serves refugees, and have also donated money to various causes across Canada.

Adrian Yip