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Why work with us?

The Passion Fruit team specializes in working with small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations, helping them get up and running on the Salesforce platform. Our team brings years of experience designing and delivering solutions that help nonprofits maximize their impact. Whether you’re looking to leverage Salesforce to increase your fundraising efforts, better manage your programs, or to engage on a deeper level with your constituents, we can help!

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Solution Design

Sometimes, organizations need to hit the pause button and evaluate their existing technology stack and manual business processes from a holistic viewpoint before moving ahead with systems changes and implementations.

Salesforce Implementations

Are you planning to implement Salesforce for your nonprofit? We can help! With unmatched passion and experience, we will work with your organization to design the perfect solution that matches your processes and workflows.

Salesforce Optimization

If your organization has evolved or changed since implementing Salesforce, you may need to update your existing Salesforce instance to reflect your new processes and workflows.

Systems Migrations

Migrating historical data from one system to another can seem like a daunting and time-consuming process. Our team can walk you through preparing, transforming, and migrating your data to ensure a successful transition to Salesforce.

Managed Services

Salesforce is a platform that is constantly evolving, as is your organization. If you need ongoing Salesforce support and advisory services, our dedicated team of Salesforce Nonprofit Consultants is here to help.

Their knowledge about Salesforce was excellent, and their dedication to the project was incredible. Their expertise and hard work was the critical factor in the success of our Salesforce implementation project. I’m thrilled that we worked with the Passion Fruit team on the project. It was greatly appreciated by all of our staff, too. THANK YOU!”
Lin Zhang, GCA
“They went above and beyond for our Pardot implementation, and not only handled the heavy lifting with getting us set up on a new solution, but also made sure our key stakeholders had plenty of hands-on training so we were ready to start running as soon as possible. I'd highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again when possible.”
College Forward
The entire PFP team has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, and their approach was easy to understand. PFP has been fantastic to work with and delivered above expectations; I've worked with a lot of contractors over the years and they kept us on the right track! Passion Fruit Partners ROCKS!”
Dave Lamothe - BBBSAK
"Not only did they guide us through the efficient construction of the database, but they listened to our needs and built exactly what our foundation and our partner organizations needed. The Passion Fruit Team is personable, helpful, and the members are straightforward and resourceful. They make sure that the database you are building has everything you need, and they help to account for any risks/questions that may arise..."
“My team loves working with Passion Fruit Partners. PFP's knowledge of Salesforce, attention to detail, and caring about our success makes them an incredible partner.”
Jeff Bryan, P2
“The team at Passion Fruit Partners was quickly able to identify our organization's needs and highlighted solutions that could effectively be applied so we could be operational in a timely and cost-effective way...I recommend them for others who may be looking to implement Salesforce or optimize their current Salesforce environment.”
Paralympic Foundation of Canada
“Our project was managed extremely well, we met all deadlines and stayed within budget. The Passion Fruit team is wonderful to work with, we are engaging them for ongoing support because we were so pleased with how the project went. Their team dives deep into your organization to gain a comprehensive knowledge of your operations to better understand your needs in order to recommend the most effective solutions. We can't sing their praises enough!”
Natalia Moussa, KFG

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