Health in Harmony

Utilizing Salesforce to Support the Mission of Regenerating Rainforests

Health In Harmony’s mission is to reverse tropical rainforest deforestation to halt the climate crisis. Founded in 2007, with an international reach, the planetary health organization focuses on working with communities worldwide to protect rainforests through holistically addressing the health of people, ecosystems, and the planet. By using a unique Radical Listening approach with the communities they work alongside, Health In Harmony honours and values collective community knowledge to implement community-designed solutions.

Over the years, Health In Harmony has protected 133 million pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere since 2017. Through their efforts, 52,000 acres of rainforest have been regenerated, and 3,000 endangered Bornean Orangutans’ habitat was protected.

“Passion Fruit Partners has been an essential partner to help Health In Harmony migrate to Salesforce. From the inception of the project, Passion Fruit took the time to understand the core needs and provided opportunities for continual feedback throughout the build. Not only has their team been a pleasure to work with, but their extensive expertise has allowed them to nimbly respond to our needs and provide thorough training."
Angie Lausche, Development Associate Manager

The Challenge

Health In Harmony (HIH) has risen to the challenge of reversing global heating. To support this immense task, they needed systems to support the core fundraising, grants management, and marketing functions within the organization. HIH was looking for a suite of easy-to-use tools that would allow the team to optimize and scale their operations.

The fundraising solution needed to include constituent management, collecting online donations, and automated tax receipting; all needing to seamlessly integrate with their marketing system to run campaigns critical for increasing donations. For grants management, tracking the grant application process, payment schedule, and grant spending was critical. It was also vital to HIH to receive support in migrating historical data from their past marketing and fundraising systems.

The Solution

In partnership with Passion Fruit Partners, Health In Harmony migrated from NeonCRM and MailChimp and implemented the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) as their centralized system to manage fundraising, grants management, and marketing. Salesforce with NPSP and Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) enabled HIH to combine their data in one place and more efficiently run their day-to-day processes. 

With NPSP core functionality, HIH can track all donor information, including their household members, relationships with other contacts, and affiliations with organizations. HIH team members can also easily track donor interaction activities (emails, phone calls, meetings, etc.) and log them right to the relevant donor's record.

For grants management, in addition to customizing NPSP Grants functionality, the team can now manage the payment schedule for receiving funds. Custom automation and screen flows were leveraged to track deliverables and outcomes as part of the grant. Passion Fruit focused on an intuitive design that allowed the HIH international team to provide monthly progress updates on key objectives easily.

Any fundraiser would agree that having a powerful marketing tool to utilize existing data is a game changer to running effective campaigns, which is why it was critical for HIH to have native functionality for funnel management. Passion Fruit implemented Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement), allowing HIH to create tailored content to engage with its constituents more effectively. DonorBox was also integrated to capture online donations and upload them directly into Salesforce, providing additional data points for HIH to create targeted segmentation lists.

Together, Health In Harmony and Passion Fruit Partners created a solution that automated gift giving, optimized grants processing, and enabled predictive marketing. This solution manages data flow into one centralized system to create consistent and targeted interactions with all of HIH’s constituents. 

With all this in place, Health In Harmony can focus on regenerating rainforests by listening to communities and engaging with even more people worldwide to reverse global heating.

Photograph by Kelsey Hartman

Photograph by Kelsey Hartman
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