Manhattan Neighborhood Network

MNN Leverages Salesforce as Centralized Hub for Constituent Data

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is a media learning, production and distribution hub with a mission to promote creative expression, independent voices, and community engagement. In addition, MNN produces multiple cable and digital channels that work with hundreds of other community-based organizations to connect, collaborate, empower and express the different voices and communities in the Manhattan neighborhood.

"Passion Fruit Partners is, hands down, the best team we've ever worked with on any technology project. (Or any project at all, really.) They have a miraculous combination of technical expertise, efficiency, organization and at the same time they're just really nice people to work with. I could not recommend them more highly."
Emily Miller, Director of Marketing and Development

The Challenge

MNN’s old custom-built system was fragmented and outdated, making it expensive to maintain, and difficult to gain a 360-degree view of their constituents to understand how they interact with the organization. With the goal of moving to a hub-and-spoke model with Salesforce acting as the centralized hub, the solution needed to support multiple business functions, including: training & registration, facility & equipment reservation, fundraising & marketing. The initial phase of this digital transformation focused on course registration, email marketing, fundraising, and memberships.

The Solution

In partnership with Passion Fruit Partners (PFP), MNN migrated from their previous database to Salesforce and implemented the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to manage constituents, fundraising, and marketing efforts.

To empower users to see course registrations directly in Salesforce, PFP integrated Salesforce with MNN's course management system, Arlo. In addition to the initial setup and configuration, PFP developed custom automation to populate information from Arlo that was not supported by the standard integration.

For email marketing, it was crucial for MNN to see all email engagement and course activity of a constituent, to understand the different ways that they are engaging with the organization. PFP accomplished this by implementing the Mailchimp to Salesforce integration, enabling them to view MailChimp’s contact and campaign activity from within Salesforce.

Lastly, using Salesforce NPSP, PFP customized the donor management processes to support MNN's unique fundraising and membership processes. To support online donations, Donorbox was integrated with Salesforce to support donation processing, including one-time and recurring donation buttons. This allowed MNN to create their own donation pages, receive donations directly from their website, and process membership renewals automatically.

As an organization that interacts with the same constituents in many different ways, MNN has benefited immensely from moving to Salesforce. By leveraging Salesforce as the system in the centre of their hub-and-spoke model, the organization is able to focus their time and budget more on their mission and less on software development and IT.

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