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Engaging Students with Experience Cloud

The San José Public Library Foundation (SJPLF) was established in 1987 by a group of volunteers who understood that a great library system needed more than public funding. SJPLF provides advocacy, financial support, and leadership to our public libraries and educational programs throughout San José to create an educated, equitable, and engaged community. In partnership with Students Rising Above (SRA), SJPLF is currently spearheading a program called San José Aspires. The San José Aspires program allows students to earn financial awards as they pass certain guideposts that are critical to postsecondary success. These guideposts are selected to ensure that students obtain the skills and knowledge needed to:

  • Transition into life after high school
  • Learn about, apply to, and enroll in both two and four-year colleges
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Identify career interests and apply for jobs in those fields
  • Learn life skills to help manage their daily lives

By identifying different college and career readiness guideposts and awarding students as they pass them, San José Aspires will allow students to adapt, change, and explore new interests as they connect their high school experiences to their postsecondary goals. Once the students graduate high school and have enrolled in their postsecondary program, the funds earned in the San José Aspires program are paid out directly to the student to use on education-related expenses.

“Passion Fruit Partners has been critical in helping get San José Aspires established and off the ground. They developed an incredibly flexible system that allows for clear tracking of student progress while also letting us experiment with different models and award plans. This way, we can compare success between schools and determine the best model for students going forward. The backbone data we gather is critical to the program’s long-term success and sustainability. All stakeholders in the program — teachers, parents, students, administrators, and donors — want to see the students in San José Aspires succeed over the long-term. The customized Salesforce instance that Passion Fruit devised helps us engage students while providing other stakeholders with the information they need to know that their participation and support of San José Aspires is worthwhile and valuable.”
Dawn Coppin, Ph.D. Executive Director of the San José Public Library Foundation

The Challenge

After identifying the different college and career readiness guideposts to structure the program around, as well as determining the amount each student would be awarded for passing the guidepost, SJPLF needed to ensure that they could keep track of each student’s progress and maintain engagement with the students in the program from the time they enroll in San José Aspires through the start of their postsecondary education.

The Solution

In partnership with Passion Fruit Partners, SJPLF implemented the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack as the backbone that securely manages all program data, allowing SJPLF to track and report on each student’s progress towards receiving financial awards that will contribute to their award plans education.

They also implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to enable students to log in to a custom portal where they can submit program-related documentation securely to SJPLF, track awards they’ve received, see which awards they are eligible for, and view their progress in a visually appealing way.

The solution was built to scale with fully customizable award plans. This allows SJPLF to develop and maintain award plans that are tailored to the specific needs and opportunities at each school or non-school partner. Students will also have access to Knowledge Centers that have been created to provide them with access to helpful resources and content to aid on their journey toward postsecondary education.

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