The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers

Boilermaker Union Revamps Operations with Salesforce and Pardot

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is a progressive, forward-thinking union. They align themselves with construction industry partners with a focus on innovating improved safety, manpower availability, training, and cost savings in their vast industry.

They are one of the oldest unions in the United States. They grew out of the Industrial Revolution and the demand for steam power and were organized in 1880. Today they represent more than 50,000 skilled craftspeople and industrial workers across 200 local lodges. They are proud to aggressively promote and defend the rights of their members and those of all workers, and have one of the best apprentice programs in America.

"Passion Fruit took the time through our discovery process not just to listen to our unique needs, but to fully understand our processes inside and out, allowing for better communication and quicker solutions to be formed. Being able to work and speak with a group that understands us is huge and Passion Fruit is the first of their kind for us to provide a deep level of understanding and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get started with customizing their Salesforce. They have gone above and beyond for us and we couldn’t be happier with how far we have come."
Johnny Baca, Marketing Manager

The Challenge

IBB had implemented Salesforce to replace their previous CRM that they had built on Wordpress, but did not feel like they had sufficient functionality yet to support the full lifecycle of their operations. Their members weren’t confident in the system and didn’t yet have systems in place to fully support their recruiting and organizing processes. IBB was looking for some optimization and customization of their Salesforce instance to make it work better for them.

The ultimate solution needed to include improving their application process, the ability to efficiently track and manage job listings and placements, and to manage their different workflow priorities of recruiting and organizing. The end state needed to incorporate their intake processes, a seamless marketing integration, automation of transactional communications, and implementing text (SMS) functionality.

The Solution

In partnership with Passion Fruit Partners, IBB updated their Salesforce + NPSP instance to improve the information tracked for their Members and Partner Organizations and revamped their Recruiting and Organizing activities, and implemented custom functionality to align processes.

To track multiple types of online intake submissions and minimize the duplication of leads and contact records, custom web forms were created to integrate into Salesforce. Automatic lead assignment was configured so that the appropriate internal users would be notified when a form was submitted.

Custom functionality was created to manage IBB's recruiting workflow, allowing the management and tracking of job listings, job placements, and welding evaluations.

Optimizing their core Salesforce functionality, IBB's team can now easily identify where their candidates are in their journey, who their member contacts are, and when they became members. In addition to tracking emails, calls, tasks and events, they are also now able to send and track text messages to their Contacts and Leads thanks to the integration of SMS Magic. For their partner organizations, they are now able to track vital Due Diligence and Employee Sentiment information as well as tracking Organizing and Recruiting activities.

By implementing Salesforce with NPSP and Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement), IBB is able to track their recruiting marketing and day to day processes more efficiently and in one place.

Together, IBB and Passion Fruit Partners created a solution that allowed their teams to really depend on their new system to manage and monitor their Recruiting and Organizing workflow processes. This solution manages data flow into one centralized system to create consistent and targeted interactions with their members and partners.

With all this in place, IBB can focus on improving safety, manpower availability, training, and cost savings both in their industry as well as creating impact for all workers in a positive way.

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